Chris Broderick from Megadeth was featured in, when Megadeth stopped by in Denver on Gigantour, which is Chris's home town, where he studied classical guitar.

"With Megadeth, you've circled the globe several times. How does the Denver audience compare to the rest of the world?

They've been awesome. The funny thing is, though, I used to generalize like that and would say, "They're over the top" or "This place is really mellow" and stuff like that. But I've been through multiple places enough times, and it kinda depends on what time you go through. Sometimes a place is really over the top, and sometimes it's really mellow. So I can't really attribute it to any particular place.

What it was like during your formative years growing up in Denver?

Well, I barely caught a glimpse of the tail end of the metal movement. There was definitely a metal scene in Denver back in 1988, in that era. You could play warehouses, parties, or you could just rent out rooms. You could throw a party, and it was guaranteed to pack a place. It was just awesome. That was when I began to play gigs. That ended very quickly, and then it became playing empty bars [laughs]."